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Helping America break free from labor shortages

Reshape provides an end-to-end platform for manufacturers to deploy the automation they need to their factories. Discover, design, purchase, and get support for your automation projects, all in one place.

bought by North American companies in 2023. In contrast, 74 million PCs were sold in the US in 2022.
job openings
in manufacturing as of today. By 2030 the number is expected to reach 2 million
is the typical sales cycle for industrial robotics solutions, but some cycles extend beyond a year.
of US manufacturers
are small businesses, and 75% have fewer than 20 employees

What problem do we solve?

Labor Shortages

Small and medium manufacturers know they need to automate, but their journey is full of roadblocks. The current approach to connecting manufacturers to automation suppliers is inefficient, lengthy and unpredictable.

How does Reshape help?

Marketplace + Project Management + AI Companion

We make it easy to automate

Manufacturing companies will be able to quickly discover and design solutions to their automation requirements, and get the answers they need from a 24/7 companion that is trained with the world’s knowledge in manufacturing and automation.

We make it easy to sell automation

Automation suppliers in our platform, including System Integrators, have a new advanced channel to market their services and solutions, reducing their sales cycles and costs involved in acquiring customers.

The Reshape Impact

automation system design
automation deployments
automation success rate
when purchasing Reshape turnkey solutions

Connecting Manufacturers with Suppliers

Platform Preview

The Reshape Platform is now available for selected users.

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Find out how our in-house system integration team can help deploy automation faster and with higher ROI, including palletizing, packaging, sorting, plastic trimming, quality inspection, machine tending, welding... and more!

Reshape Integration Services

For Suppliers

Do you have a solution to simplify welding?
What about a turnkey packaging machine?
Or perhaps a kick-ass palletizer that a user can program in minutes?

If you are interested in bringing AI-driven e-commerce to your operations, join the growing list of suppliers using Reshape

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Reshoring Factories, Reshaping Destiny

Our goal is to become the tide that rises all boats. By making it easier to discover, design and purchase automation and labor, manufacturers in the US will be more competitive, enabling them to reshore at a higher pace and creating more business opportunities for the automation vendors in the ecosystem.

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